The MTTC hosts a number of major events each year, usually in collaboration with other organizations and all focused on promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

Technology Showcase Conferences

The MTTC produces two to four Technology Showcase Conferences each year. The two largest are designed to serve the Life Sciences and Clean Energy clusters, but others in Nanotechnology, Sensors and Robotics have also been addressed. The core of these Conferences is two or more sessions of investor pitches by entrepreneurs, usually from our nonprofit research institutions. Keynote addresses, industry panels, financing discussions and other sessions of interest are often added to enhance the usefulness of the events for the entire community.

Other Joint Conferences

Collaborations with other organizations or groups of organizations are welcomed. Our goal is to provide high quality, innovative programming while helping to minimize redundancy. To that end, we have helped organize the very popular Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation Day as well as supplying coached investor pitches to the 2008 CleanTech Conference in Boston and organizing the Massachusetts Pavilion for BIO, the largest Life Sciences Conference and Trade Show in the country.

Past Conferences

Life Sciences Conferences
Conference on Clean Energy
Other Events